About Us

IGM Gear is a company founded by Charles Thomas Jr.

The company is founded on the belief that we are all created with the idea in mind that we are to accomplish certain things in the time that we have been given in this world.

In order to accomplish those things God in turn has given us all gifts and abilities along with necessary resources to get the job done. Our inability to achieve those things and tap into those resources hinges greatly upon our failure to respond to the issues that life brings to us. High on the list of those things that will come to us in this life to keep us from getting what God has for us is hate.

Hate comes to us in an attempt to overwhelm us, and overcome us, and its ultimate goal is to get in us, become a part of us, and control us.

IGM Gear is an active wear company founded on the premise of sending a message to those who would bring this hate to us. Make no mistake about, haters are going to hate, but our message to them is that we will not be overcome by it. “Keep on Hatin’”. When it comes to the things that God has prepared for me, “I’m Gettin’ Mine”.

Charles Thomas Jr. is also the founder of the newly forming non-profit organization People of Purpose Ministries. The purposes for which this 501C3 has been established are to minister to youth and the indigent, as well as creating ministry efforts directed toward assisting seniors. A portion of the proceeds from the company are donated to these efforts.


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