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Renfrew Hockey Tape

It is never too late to take up a new sport, and that includes hockey. You can start playing at any time, but it is important to get the right equipment first. Many people understand the basics of hockey equipment, but it easy to forget about the tape that is meant to wrap around the stick. While it is a small and seemingly insignificant part of hockey, it does serve an important function. Places such as North American Tapes exist to help players find all their Renfrew hockey tape needs. They have the classic black cloth material, but also have tape in other colors and patterns.

Why Is Hockey Tape Important?

Originally, hockey tape was meant to protect the wooden sticks that players used when the game was first formed. Even though sticks today are made out of more than just wood, tape still plays an important function. While some hockey sticks are still made of wood, therefore need tape protection, players have reason to tape sticks made of different materials.

Repel Moisture

When it comes to wooden sticks, it is not hard for water to seep in and cause warping. Considering hockey is played on ice, moisture is everywhere and could easily make a stick useless after just a few games. However, wrapping it in tape will keep this moisture locked out and preserve the wood, making it a good repellent.

Controlling The Puck

Hockey sticks not made out of wood are usually made out of fiberglass material. This material becomes slippery on the ice, which can make aiming the puck difficult. If you wrap your stick in tape, you can more easily control and aim the puck when making contact. Tape is also useful if you are receiving a pass, as the puck is less likely to bounce on contact.

What Tape Should I Use?

There are a few different types of tape that players may use for their hockey sticks. You can use hockey tape, cloth friction tape, or electrical tape. Electrical tape is not as common, and may not be as useful with directing the puck as the other types of tape out there. When it comes to cloth tape, places like North American Tapes will allow you to get it in a variety of colors, but black might be the safest option. The puck is likely to blend in with black tape, which could prevent other players from easily stealing it.

What Tape Does NAT Have?

North American Tapes has a few different hockey tape options for you to choose from. They have the classic cloth option, available in different colors, as well as soft grip tape. The cohesive soft grip tape also comes in more than just black, giving customers a healthy amount of options. They also have comp-o-stick split-slit grip tape, which can even be purchased in a retail bulk box. That might be a good option if you are wanting a long-lasting supply, or trying to buy tape for an entire team. You can also buy a protective tape storage container from NAT.

Renfrew Hockey Tape
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