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Igm Sweats There's something different about IGM sweats. There's something unique about them that other sweat pants can't offer. What's the difference? The difference is that these pants are emblazoned with the slogan “I'm gettin' mine”and are meant to be worn as a statement of defiance against those around who would put you down. It's a way to strike back against the haters of the world, the individuals that would cut you down with their words and their actions. This is what the IGM phrase is about. It about making a proclamation to those around you that you know who you are and you know where you're going. And one of the best ways to make this proclamation is through the clothes that you're wearing. We can help you do this. We are IGMGear, an innovative company that exists to provide a digital storefront where anyone and everyone can get the “I'm gettin' mine” clothing that they want to wear. There is nothing else like the “I'm gettin' mine” quote. It's truly unique. And while it has been put on clothing before, no one has ever done it the ways we're doing it. No one has ever come up with the distinct variations on the theme that we've developed. Our line of clothing is complete and features many different items. We're adding to our stock daily to better supply you with IGM clothing of all varieties. Why are we doing this? In short, we're doing it because we believe that the IGM message is one that the world needs to hear. It's one that we believe many people want to portray to the world. We've given these individuals a vehicle through which to do that by creating a series of sweat pants that expresses this meaning. But what is the meaning of the IGM phrase? If you've never heard it before, IGM stands for “I'm gettin' mine.” It's a statement that you make when you want to push back against the insults that are being laid upon you by those around you. It's a way of fighting back against the determination with which others drag you down by making the statement that you, too, are determined and that you'll reach the goals you're aiming for. It's like saying, “Nothing can stop me. I know where I'm headed, and nothing you say will hold me back.” This is a powerful statement, and it's one that IGM sweats can help you make. You can't make this statement unless you mean it. You have to be bold to take this approach to life and ignore or fight back against the haters who are trying to prevent you from getting where you know you're destined to go.
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