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Igm Hoodies In this day and age, everyone wants to wear an outfit that makes a statement. Everyone wants to wear a shirt or sweatshirt that says something about who they are or about what they think of the world around them. This is why IGM hoodies have recently grown so popular. Everyone wants one. It seems any time you’re out in public, walking around the streets, just going to a store or anywhere else, you see someone with one of these sweatshirts. These are now so common that they have almost lost their originality. Not quite, though. In fact, we've taken it upon ourselves to reinvent the “I'm gettin' mine” quote with our new line of “I'm gettin' mine” sweatshirts and apparel. We offer a distinctive line of clothes that you can't find anywhere else. Everything we create is designed around the “I'm gettin' mine” saying in some form or another. Everything is fully unique and original. And, most importantly, our message is designed to serve as a message to the world that you, the wearer, know what's coming to you and are prepared to fight for it. This is the importance of the IGM message. It's the statement that everyone is trying to make but that no one knows how to make anymore these days without sounding completely unoriginal. It's a statement that simply says to all around, “I know where I'm headed. Where are you headed?” The “I'm gettin' mine” message is all about this. It's meant to be taken somewhat sarcastically, but it's also dead serious. The road you travel will take you to your goal or destination. What is your goal or destination? What are you getting when all is said and done? Where are you headed? This is what the IGM saying is all about. But it's about more than this as well. It's also a message that says to haters and to those who would insult you or keep you from your dreams, “The things you say can't hold me back. I know where I'm heading, and I'm going to get there. Where are you headed? What are you going to end up with?” It forces a certain degree of self reflection upon those who hear or read it. It's a bold statement to make. It's not a statement that someone would every make if he or she was timid or scared of those around him or her. It's a statement that can only be made or worn, as is the case with IGM hoodies, by someone who has the guts to take a stand for what they care about. It's a way of asserting yourself and making your presence known to the world.
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