Haters Are My Motivators

Haters Are My Motivators One of the few things that all different types of clothing have in common is that somewhere, someone is trying to make a statement or say something to the world by wearing something very specific. Most of the time, outfits that make such statements are printed with slogans, quotes, or sayings. This is the case with IGM gear, which includes the message that haters are my motivators. These clothes are printed with variations on the saying, “I'm gettin' mine,” which is basically a statement all of its own, with its own unique following and adherents. Many individuals have taken it upon themselves to wear various clothing items that preach this message, but we here at IGMGear have decided to do things a bit differently. We've reinvented the IGM slogan and added new elements to make our line of clothing completely unique. What is the message of “I'm gettin' mine?” Put simply, it is a message of defiance. It's a message that stands against the odds and powerfully proclaims to the world, “I know where I'm going, and you can't stop me.” It's a message that takes a stand against putdowns and insults thrown out by others. It's not a message worn by the faint of heart. It's a message worn by those who are bold enough to know who they are, strong enough to know their place in the world, and tough enough to reach their goals without faltering when obstacles stand in their way. In other words, it's a way to wear your creed on your sleeve. One of the most powerful ways to get this message across is through the clothing you're wearing. Clothes have always been used by many groups to reflect internal characteristics or to present specific ideals to the world at large, and with IGMGear, this is no different. There are many different clothing items that we've printed with this slogan, but our hats are among the most popular items. Why? The reason is simple to understand. First, hats are more readily seen when someone looks at you. When you see somebody, your eyes are drawn to their face fist and foremost. This naturally means that whatever they're wearing on their head is going to be one of the first things you see. Second, hats have long been used to carry messages to others and to the world. They are some of the most unique and eye catching clothing items commonly worn today. This is definitely true of the clothes we create. We've designed our entire line of clothing to reflect the important message that the “I'm gettin' mine” slogan conveys to all who read it. This is why we created our line of clothing in the first place. Haters are my motivators. Get one today.
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